“…the civil justice system in this country is essentially inaccessible to many Americans — and when it does get accessed, is tilted toward the wealthy and moneyed interests,” states Dan Froomkin of the Huffington Post.

Reporting statistics from the World Justice Project’s “Rule of Law Index” Froomkin points out that, “Particularly when it comes to access to and affordability of legal counsel in civil disputes, the U.S. ranks 20 out of the 35 nations surveyed, below not only developed nations but also such countries as Mexico, Croatia and the Dominican Republic….The U.S. didn’t lead the world on any of the rule-of-law measures, ranking near the bottom of the developed world on most — including even fundamental rights. But the most striking findings related to access to justice for ordinary people.” Read entire article here.

According to Froomkin, The index’s definition of access to justice includes: For civil and informal justice, this implies a service that is affordable, effective, impartial, and culturally competent.

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