Unrested. Unsettled. Unbalanced.  Let’s face it, divorce is usually the last season of life you would expect to feel balanced. The decisions and eminent life changes can overwhelm your thoughts to the exclusion of everything else, tipping the scales towards sheer insanity. So how can you maintain a balance in your life during your divorce?

1. Make today balanced by not neglecting yourself. 

Your kids need you. Heck, YOU need you! Take time to relax and invigorate your body and soul. Be active, get a massage, spend time with positive friends, and don’t drown your sorrows in Twinkies and tequila. Sometimes stopping to notice the sunshine on your face can remind you that this life is so much bigger than your current problems.

2. Make tomorrow balanced by conducting yourself with dignity.

Your marriage might be ending, but your relationship isn’t – especially if you have children. Whether that future relationship is positive or negative, depends to a great extent on how you treat each other during this difficult process. Behave in a way that’s an example to your children, and a way you can be proud of tomorrow.

3. Hire a trusted professional with a balanced approach.

We know that divorce documents could be reduced to letters and numbers on paper. But we also know that real families and real feelings are behind those facts and figures. We’re here to take care of all the details for you in the most peaceful, graceful manner possible. Our goal is to work with you as a couple to protect you from harmful litigation that will destroy any chance of a positive relationship in the future.

We’re committed to helping you maintain balance during your divorce. Give us a call today.