By Margie Mittleman

In the ten plus years of my career, I’ve often heard a party to a case say that he/she wants to “let the judge decide”. The unfortunate truth is that most people aren’t happy with what the judge decides. In many cases, I have no doubt that the individual would have been better off negotiating an agreement with the opposing party. How much better it would have gone for them to have a say in the outcome; versus handing that power over to the judge.

Divorce is not the time to roll the dice and gamble that the judge will decide to your advantage. If you and your spouse have reached the difficult decision to seek a divorce, it may be in your best interest to resolve any issues yourself. If you can’t agree, inevitably the Court will decide these private matters for you – including child care issues!

Divorce Docs provides you the opportunity to tailor a settlement agreement specific to both parties’ interests and your individual needs. Or, you could roll the dice and gamble on a order made by the Court – that’s a huge gamble and one that could end up not being in your best interest.

CC photo courtesy of afoncubierta via flickr