The New York Post reported several months ago that a Saratoga Springs resort, famous for extravagant weddings, will now offer a “Divorce Package.” For a flat fee of $5,000, the couple receives separate rooms and a weekend to work with a mediator. By the end of the weekend, the divorce papers are signed, and the couple checks out. The Huffington Post has published stories of “Divorce Hotels” and “Destination Divorces,” so apparently this idea is gaining popularity. Would a divorce vacation be right for you?

This is a great idea for couples who are fairly amicable and want a mediator to help them finalize the details of their agreement and complete their documents. Instead of sitting under florescent lights in separate attorneys’ offices with the likelihood of ending up in court, the parties would have scheduled sessions with a mediator, interspersed with free time in a relaxed resort setting. These frequent breaks would allow the couple to release emotional steam before it has a chance to build up, enabling them to remain calm and clear-headed, (which can be a huge benefit when making decisions that will affect the rest of your life).

If you’re needing a divorce vacation, I’m happy to meet you at the Hilton,

Angela Angelovic


modified CC photo courtesy of Ken Teegardin via Flickr