There have been headlines circulating in recent years regarding states desiring to make it harder to get divorced. Some states are considering laws which eliminate no-fault divorce, while others are considering waiting periods of up to 2 years.

While I understand the intent is to keep couples together in order to benefit society, I wonder if marriages would be more stable if the parties involved had to go through as much trouble to get married as they do to get divorced. I’m fairly certain that a legal agreement is the furthest thing from many couples’ minds when they wed. But should it be? Shouldn’t a marriage candidate give as much thought to a legal marriage partnership as they would a legal business partnership?

What would happen if a couple had to file a Petition for Marriage and provide full financial disclosure to the other?  What if they had to confirm in writing that they understand all assets and debt incurred during the marriage were marital property, and specify who, if either, would give up their career to stay home with the children? For a humorous look at this scenario, read this article by Susan Pease Gadoua.

While it’s not an easy decision to get divorced, we aim to make the process simple. Let us take care of the documents and filing for you.

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