The holidays can be a distressing time for someone going through a divorce. There are constant reminders of what once was; family portraits on Christmas cards, couples getting engaged in television commercials, familiar songs reminding you of special times in your past. This might be a good season for you to do a little “time travel” to the future in your mind in order to combat what could be triggers for depression.

Take comfort in the fact that a new year is about to begin. Appreciate that you will have a fresh start, a clean slate,  A new chapter of your life is about to commence, and the future is yours to write. Don’t worry about all the details now. You have enough on your mind. However, know that you will get through this divorce with dignity, and be a stronger and wiser person in the end.

If you are battling depression, please seek out a qualified counselor. We would be happy to offer a recommendation.

Wishing you the happiest holidays possible,

Angela Angelovic

Divorce Docs