While the phrase may be a motivating call to action from Nike, “Just do it” should not be the motto of the average person contemplating divorce.

I’ve had several individuals in my office lately who were unsure if filing for divorce was the right step for them to take at that time. One woman had only been separated for about a month, and hadn’t broached the subject of divorce with her husband. Another gentleman had been separated for over two years, living in a different state than his wife, and had seemingly moved on with life. But at the thought of making the division official, he was overwhelmed with memories of their shared history.

In both cases, I suggested they wait before making a move. Divorce is a huge decision, and not one to be rushed into. I’ve had clients thank me later for allowing them to put their divorce documents on “hold” for a month or two while they sorted their feelings out.  They moved on with the process, but it was on their terms, and in their timing.

Want to call us with questions? You can do that and be confident that the associates at Divorce Docs will explain procedures to you without pressuring you to “Just Do It.” And if the time comes that you’re ready for us, we’re here for you.

Angela Angelovic


CC photo courtesy of Laura Hadden via Flickr