Divorce Docs is a non-attorney service specializing in divorce legal document preparation for a peaceful, graceful dissolution of marriage.

We offer clients an uncontested Florida divorce, including the marital settlement agreement, parenting plan, equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, alimony agreement, child support calculation, and everything else needed for a peaceful, less-expensive, non-attorney divorce.

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Divorce Docs

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  • We would have had a lot more stress and spent much more money if we had to hire an attorney. And if we had done it ourselves, it would have taken a lot longer because the process is so confusing. Angela was really quick to get the documents completed. Her turnaround time was perfect. I would highly recommend Divorce Docs. You guys do a great job!"
    -- D.W.
  • Timing was excellent, very quick. Loved being able to call Angela with questions, and she answered the phone or got back to us right away!"
    -- L.T.
  • The price was really low. We couldn't believe how inexpensive it was really. (We're not going to get charged extra now are we?) More expensive than Legal Zoom, but so much less than an attorney, and I didn't trust the Legal Zoom process. I loved that we could have the documents tailored to fit our needs with Divorce Docs. Plus, Divorce Docs filed the documents for us."
    -- P.T.
  • Divorce Docs was very caring. They were very efficient and quick!"
    -- T.S.
  • The price was good, definitely less than an attorney. I tried to get a law school student friend to help me, but even she was confused by the documents. Angela was great. She was always available on the phone. I even took a couple of months break, and when I called, she knew who I was."
    -- D.T.
  • Using Divorce Docs was a lot less stressful than going to an attorney would have been, that's for sure!"
    -- T.G.
  • The process was very timely. Angela was always very professional and got back with me immediately. I really appreciated how she didn’t pressure me to move forward quickly, since once I started the process, I needed to take a break from it to make sure I was doing the right thing. When I was ready, I called her and she was happy to go from there."
    -- P.M.
  • I hired an attorney the first time, and it was very expensive and took a lot of time. You were much less expensive and very simple. It was very peaceful and quick."
    -- R.J.
  • We have friends who have gone with an attorney and there is so much drama. I really love the peaceful aspect of Divorce Docs. It helps that we [my ex-husband and I] are so amicable, but even if we weren't, the Divorce Docs process is so much better than litigation."
    -- L.T.
  • I tried to do it myself, but it was too confusing. Angela did a good job. She always got back to us quickly and was easy to work with."
    -- C.H.
  • It was expensive for us, but worth it not to have to go through the courts. It would have been a lot more expensive to hire a lawyer. Y'all were right on time. Everything was quick. It was great, all things considered."
    -- A.G.
  • I spent $16,000 on my first divorce; $10,000 on my second divorce; and MUCH less on this divorce. This experience was much less stressful than those in my past."
    -- J.J.
  • I've tried using an attorney before, and it was more complicated. You guys simplify things quite well! Your prices were very reasonable. For the amount of work you did, and how professional you are, it was well worth it. Things went very smoothly. You guys are doing an awesome job! I will tell people that Divorce Docs is the way to go!"
    -- E.G.
  • Your services were very good and very professional. I have already, and will continue to recommend you to others."
    -- P.K.
  • I went to Legal Services but didn't qualify. I called some attorneys, but the cheapest one we found was $1500 each. I finally decided to do it myself, but the huge stack of paper the courthouse gave me was overwhelming. Angela did our documents very quickly once she had the information. Your service was definitely more peaceful and less stressful than it would have been with attorneys."
    -- S.A.
  • You guys are great! I would have had to hire an attorney, which is what I was trying to avoid the entire time because it's so expensive. Your pricing was perfect. Besides my wife taking so long, you guys were really quick and made the process easy."
    -- B.F.
  • We tried to do it ourselves, and even went to the courthouse and bought the packet, but it was overwhelming. You guys were fast and made the process easy."
    -- T.A.